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Not One More Execution in Iran! Join Us in Washington DC on 2 December to Protest against the Islamic Regime

For almost 34 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has depended on the use of open and barbaric violence against the people in Iran as its only response to peoples’ social and political questions. Although the regime’s recent escalations of violence and mass executions lie within the framework of Islamic ideology and the “legal” identity … Continue reading

Islamic Barbarians Amputated Two Petty Thieves’ Fingers in Public, While Regime’s Official Thieves Continue to Plunder and Kill

Iran – Yazd, 14 November 2012 – The Islamic Judiciary in Yazd has announced that two thieves were punished according to the Islamic sharia by “HAD”: their fingers of one hand were cut off in public in the city of Yazd to teach the public a lesson! Islamic thugs have escalated executions and arrests in … Continue reading

Mission Free Iran wishes our American brothers and sisters at Walmart a good fight on “Black Friday” and a quick victory.

Once before, someone had asked why Mission Free Iran covers events from other countries, and recently someone claiming to be this-and-that even criticized us for covering events from the occupied Gaza, saying these issues  “are not related to Iran”and we should concentrate “our efforts against the Islamic regime”! Our response was: The oppressed of Gaza, the marginalized in … Continue reading

Detainees of Ward 350 in Evin Held a Memorial for Sattar Beheshti

HRANA reports that the detainees in Ward 350 of Evin Prison, some of whom had spent a day with Sattar Beheshti, held his memorial in the ward on Saturday 10 November. As we have informed before, Sattar was held in that ward for one day before being moved back into the custody of the Islamic … Continue reading

Grève des travailleurs afghans dans les parcs de Téhéran Nord

(English) Les travailleurs afghans employés dans les parcs du nord de Téhéran se sont mis en grève contre les baisses de salaires et la chute de la valeur du rial iranien. Les travailleurs afghans qui travaillent dans les parcs du nord de Téhéran sont embauchés par des sous-traitants et exploités de façon barbare. Ils sont … Continue reading