Those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) in Iran are subject to far worse than the “usual” oppression that is found in Western countries. In Iran, homosexual sex is punishable by death.

MFI believes that sexual orientation is no one’s business but one’s own. We deplore the repression of members of the LGBT community in Iran, which ranges from having to suppress one’s personal sexuality in everyday life to being subjected to punishments of lashing and execution.

This page serves to express our solidarity with the LGBT community, and to index resources that we will use in our various advocacy campaigns. We note that LGBT issues are cross-cutting, pertaining to our anti-execution campaigns, anti-deportation campaigns, and to our advocacy for human rights in Iran in general.

Mission Free Iran posts:
May 1, 2010: Event Report: May 1, 2010: Protest at British Embassy Against Inhumane Deportation Policies

May 5, 2010: #genderfail: The United Nations Promotes State-Sponsored Violence Against Iranian Women

June 19, 2010: LGBT Update: Kiana Firouz Wins Asylum in the UK While Homosexuality in Iran Continues to Draw the Death Penalty

August 8, 2010: Not One More Execution! Protest in Brazil – Gay Pride Event Stands Against Execution and Homophobia in Iran

1. 346 No Execution Campaign: An International Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty in Iran

2. Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees: The IRQR works to increase public awareness about, and provide support such as legal services and financial assistance, to refugees and immigrants leaving Iran because of persecution bases on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. LGBT Asylum News We document the situations in countries from which LGBT people are fleeing to the UK hoping for a safe haven and the problems they can face from the UK asylum system, with comprehensive overview of Iranian situation, including the 16 Azar Green Solidarity Statement you never heard: Queer Students of the Iranian Universities

April 26, 2010: Iranian Homosexuals Carve out a Refuge in Turkey: In a conservative Turkish city, Iranian gays find an uneasy refuge from persecution at home

April 27, 2010: Protest at British Embassy in Washington for Kiana Firouz

August 10, 2010: Interview with Sepehr Masakani, Iranian Student and Gay Activist

Related Activism:
Action alert: Iraqi LGBT need your help


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