Not One More Execution: Petition to national government

Petition: Not One More Execution – Free All Political Prisoners in Iran
Addressee: National governments
Country where this petition is implemented:_____________________

1-We, the free citizens of the world, support Iranian people in their struggle against the Islamic regime and for freedom.

2- We DO NOT accept even one more execution in Iran.

3- We demand freedom of all political prisoners immediately.

4- Our government is responsible to reject any attempt to introduce economical sanctions which always hurt the population. Those imposing sanctions and consequently hurting millions of people indiscriminately are criminals and should be treated as such.

5- The Islamic regime does not represent the Iranian people; the Islamic regime’s embassies are illegally occupied by a criminal regime; these premises belong to the Iranian people, who are in conflict with this regime. We therefore demand our governments to shut down the Islamic regime’s embassies and withdraw that regime’s representatives’ diplomatic immunities.

6- Our government is responsible to represent us, the signatories of this letter, to demand the Islamic regime’s expulsion from the United Nations (UN). (Note that the Iranian people should be represented at the UN, but not the Islamic regime.)

7- Our government is responsible to effectively support international efforts to pursue existing criminal cases against all those responsible for 30 years of execution, terror, torture and rape committed against Iranian dissidents.

8- Our signature under this petition supports the efforts of our government in politically and diplomatically isolating the illegitimate Islamic regime.


2 thoughts on “Not One More Execution: Petition to national government

  1. It’s disgraceful that intelligent human beings can stoop so low. To humiliate people and devalue their lives in such a cruel way is the behaviour of an unthinking animal. How can people be so stupid

    Posted by Becky Blackhurst | July 9, 2010, 6:36 am
  2. je ne veut pas que sette femme meurt elle doit etre libere elle a asser souffert c’est asser de toujours faire subir au femme de tel atrocite je trouve sa tres cuel laisser la vivre je ne crois pas dutt a c’est aveux quil ont lui ont fait dire ce quil voulait que le monde entendre sil vous plait laisser la partir merci bcp

    Posted by annie st jean | November 5, 2010, 1:06 pm

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