World Without Borders

World Without Borders is a support and advocacy organization of and for asylum-seekers and refugees regardless of their country of origin.

Board members include Navid Mirpourzadeh and Arian Mirzolfaghari, whose profiles appear below. Additional board members’ profiles will be added over time.

Navid Mirpourzadeh is the coordinator for Mission Free Iran’s International Coalition for the Rights of Iranian Refugees (ICRIR) activities in Sweden, as well as a Board Member of World Without Borders. From Iran, he was a student activist involved in anti-government activities by publishing and disseminating literature. He was frequently threatened by the security forces, and finally was expelled from the university. He was then arrested by the Islamic Republic’s security forces and was detained for a duration of 21 days, during which time he was subjected to torture, ill-treatment and humiliation. During his time in Sweden he has been very active organizing demonstrations in support of refugees and political prisoners in Iran, and against the Islamic Republic.

Arian Mirzolfaqari was an activist in Iran, and served as the filmmaker who worked under contract to Mir Hossein Mousavi. As a result of filming a protest demonstration, his home was ransacked by authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was arrested and detained first in the notorious Kahrizak prison, and then in a prison belonging to the Revolutionary Guards’ Information organization, spending a total of 5 months and 1 week imprisoned until, with the help of a Guard, he was able to escape the prison and flee the country. As an asylum-seeker in Sweden, he has continued his work as a journalist in maintaining his very popular blog, which focuses on the crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is widely disseminated on various social media, serving as a key outlet for human rights news. Arian’s recent organization of a demonstration in support of political prisoners in Iran was particularly successful in attracting the media.


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