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100 Cities – August 28, 2010: Chicago Shows the World We Stand Together with Sakineh and against Stoning

Nancy Wade very efficiently and effectively organized a demonstration in support of Sakineh Ashtiani in one of America’s biggest cites, Chicago.  Not only did she have a lot of support from other activists who have been inspired to stand up for Sakineh, including Wendy Langacker and Amina Tabally, but she collected a considerable number of … Continue reading

100 Cities – August 28, 2010: Asylum-Seekers in Örebro, Sweden Lead the Way in Saying No! to Stoning in Iran

submitted by Ahmad Fatemi This protest took place against all odds. There was only a short time to organize, there was a lack of material resources, and there was a lack of police permission. Nevertheless, these asylum-seekers, hailing from countries throughout the Middle East and who have been awaiting a decision on their legal status … Continue reading

100 Cities – August 28, 2010: The Whole Community in Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil Came to Say NO! to Torture, Execution, and Stoning in Iran! No to Homophobia and No to Sexism!

This beautiful photoset of the town of Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was submitted by Adelia Maria Batista, who helped to coordinate demonstrations in 5 Brazilian towns and cities! Many, many thanks to Adelia Maria, who shows us all what one loving person can set in motion! And what kind of effect we can have … Continue reading

100 Cities – August 28, 2010: Gay Movement of South of Minas Gerais in Machado, Brazil Says NO! to Sexism, Executions & Stoning in Iran!

submitted by Adelia Maria Batista Congada and Sakineh: The Congada is a traditional Brazilian dance… PEOPLE AGAINST THE INHUMAN WAY TO TREAT ANOTHER HUMAN. Saint Benedict Church Party and protest against stoning!!! All thinkings together… the team is MGA (Gay Movement of South of Minas Gerais) These candles have been lit for Sakineh.

100 Cities – August 28, 2010: Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil Demands Respect for Human Rights in Iran!

submitted by Adelia Maria Batista BRAZIL SAYS: RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!!! Ralmer Rigoletto, Brazilian psychologist and sexologist, with his class in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil, on the University campus! OBRIGADA RALMER… ARRASOU!!!

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