March 21, 2010: Saeed Salehinia’s Statement at Japanese Embassy in Support of Jamal Saberi

Salehinia speaking in support of Saberi

As summarized by Saeed Salehinia (WPI):

A- I thanked everybody to attend this campaign and supported Hassan Massali’s point on our team efforts to organize better in the future. I also supported the idea that people with different political affiliations can and should work together against the Islamic barbaric regime on the common grounds of freedom, equality, and secular state.

B- I mentioned the right of Jamal Saberi to get political asylum in Japan, based on International laws which were already accepted by Japan government and requested everybody to sign the individual letters I prepared to request Jamal to be granted as political refugee in Japan.

C- I mentioned the fact that the Japanese government and Islamic Regime in Iran are planning to cooperate in nuclear industrial projects which is estimated as much as 11 billion dollars project, based on recent news from Islamic Regime’s congress media release. Like always, behind these nasty acts against humanity, the profit rules!

D- I called our friends to continue this campaign to victory and ended my speech with “Down with Islamic Regime in Iran, Viva freedom, Equality for all!”


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