Poem for the unjustly executed: Life no Longer Mine

Life no Longer Mine
For the unjustly executed and
For those who stay up to save their lives

I am in the execution line
being numb is why I feel fine
or since my life is no longer mine

I am closer now to the sound
that goes silent with every round
points to the ultimate I am bound

I am walking very strong
towards a fate very wrong
hoping someone hears my song

somebody out there still awake
contacts others trying to make
life coalition for our sake

wish I could live to see
whoever they might be
fighting together she and he

create rights voice so loud
for the cause we died proud
world injustice no more allowed

no more a human in my place
a horrific destiny could not face
killed, imprisoned without a base

then my death is not in vain
our legacy is sure to remain
forestalling suffering and pain


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