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For Charlie Hebdo and All Free Thinkers: Persian Satirist Obeyd Zakani Sends 700 Year Old Reminder to Insult Authority and Religion, including Islam

Obeyd Zakani was a poet and satirist of the 14th century born near Qazvin, a city in what is now northeastern Iran. The historical record suggests that there were two branches of the Zakani clan: one Shia and the Sunni, with Zakani apparently part of the Sunni branch. His work is noted for its satire … Continue reading

Assad Will Fall, but the Syrian Revolution Will Continue

Assad’s reign of terror is dying, and this is a fact that even the Butcher’s closest friends have understood. The slow-motion fall of Assad’s regime, like the fall of the other dictators in the region, has been marked by numerous bitter ironies that have conditioned the course of the Syrian revolution for bread, equality and … Continue reading

Öppet brev till migrations- och asylminister Tobias Billström.

Sluta att utvisa marxister, kristna, kvinnorätts aktivister, journalister och bloggare till de islamiska terroristernas fängelser och galgen! Herr Billström! Om ingen annan, bör du komma ihåg att vi, de internationella människorättsaktivisterna förra året förhindrade Migrationsverket från att begå ett antal “misstag” som kunde leda till personliga eller även i visa fall sociala tragedier för oss … Continue reading

Open Letter to Tobias Billström, Sweden’s Minister of Migration and Asylum

Mr. Billström! Stop Deporting Marxists, Christians, Women’s Rights Activists, Journalists and Bloggers to the Prisons and Gallows of the Islamic Terrorists in Iran! Mr. Billström! If anyone has forgotten, you should certainly remember that last year we, the international human rights activists, stopped the Swedish Migration Office from committing a number of “mistakes” which could … Continue reading

RS Should Not Have Been Deported by the Swedish Government (ENG) | ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد.

[FARSI] RS was deported on Friday, 21st October at 6:30 in the morning from Sweden to Iran. RS arrived in Sweden 11 years ago, applied for asylum, was denied, worked, had a work-related accident, went under surgery, was denied the usual insurance benefits because he was denied asylum, and was handicapped for life. Three days … Continue reading