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Islamic Barbarians Amputated Two Petty Thieves’ Fingers in Public, While Regime’s Official Thieves Continue to Plunder and Kill

Iran – Yazd, 14 November 2012 – The Islamic Judiciary in Yazd has announced that two thieves were punished according to the Islamic sharia by “HAD”: their fingers of one hand were cut off in public in the city of Yazd to teach the public a lesson!

Islamic thugs have escalated executions and arrests in recent weeks in fear of mass uprisings. It is not a secret anymore that the Islamic regime of bandits is not able to pay the wages of millions of labourers and government employees. One parliament member announced the other day in an open session of the parliament that 88,000 of the country’s steel workers have not been paid in two month.

These Islamic barbarities of amputating body parts and executing the hungry and the desperate takes place while the gangs of the regime have robbed the country from all of its riches and resources. A few weeks ago, retired Isfahan Steel Mill workers protested against the fact that their retirement fund has been emptied by the Islamic regime’s official thieves.

News of amputations reported by HRANA.


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