ENG: Let’s Get Started: Implementing our demands regarding the Commission on Women’s Status

The objectives of our campaign are:

1) To rebuke the UN for seating the gender-apartheidist Islamic regime on the UN Commission on Women’s Status

2) To rebuke the governments that stood silent and fundamentally disrespected the women of Iran and the women of the world

3) To demand the removal of the Islamic regime of Iran from the UN Commission on Women’s Status

How do we achieve our objectives?

We reach out to our communities, friends, neighbors, and online networks, and we ask them to add their voice to ours as we pursue these objectives.

We implement a well-coordinated but self-organizing international mass campaign using the following basic tools of communication and outreach:

1) Targeted use of social media (blogging, re-blogging, tweeting, facebook, etc.)
2) Letters to our local newspapers
3) Outreach at local community events: we take flyers to our fairs and distribute them there, to raise peoples’ awareness and ask them to join us in our demands.
4) Letter-writing campaign to the UN and to the UNCWS
5) Letter-writing campaign to the 13 countries that allowed for this travesty to take place
6) Mainstream, mass media coverage is desirable if we can get it
7) Globally-coordinated protest in front of capitol buildings of the 13 nations that refused to respect women’s rights by allowing the Islamic regme a seat at the gender policymaking table, with additional protests at UN headquarters in Geneva and NYC.

In terms of organizing an international campaign, we need to:

1) Establish how many countries are represented in our group here

2) Establish the number of people from each country who are willing to take responsibility for working with this campaign in their country

3) Develop core outreach materials:
– A document that lays out our demands and the talking points that support our demands
– Sample letters to the UN and UNCWS
– Sample letters to the responsible parties in each of the guilty 13 countries

4) Get the core outreach materials translated into all languages where this campaign is operative, including Farsi.

OK, that is all for now; I leave this open for feedback and welcome your responses.

Let’s do this. :)
Maria Rohaly
Mission Free Iran
May 1, 2010


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