Letter to the Japanese Administration (Prime Minister and Cabinet) re Saberi

We received a request from a friend to compose a letter that anyone could send to Japan’s government, with a copy sent also to the UN, to key international human rights organizations, and to the media.

Such a sample letter appears below, along with contact information for the above-mentioned entities. We hope you find it useful. Thank you to @GreatPersiaMap for the timely suggestion.


To send your message to the Prime Minister of Japan, you may submit the below letter into a post form at: (http://www.kantei.go.jp/foreign/forms/comment.html)

Next, send a copy of your letter to the following entitities:

1) United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon: inquiries@un.org

2) UN High Commissioner on Human Rights: (letter form) http://www.unhcr.org/pages/4a324fcc6.html

3) Human Rights Watch: hrwnyc@hrw.org

4) Amnesty International Urgent Action Network: uan@aiusa.org

5) The Associated Press: info@ap.org


Dear Prime Minister Hatoyama,

I have learned that Japan plans to deport Iranian human rights activist Jamal Saberi. At a time when the Islamic regime brutally represses peaceful protesters, journalists, students, and human rights activists within its borders, I am appalled that Japan supports the regime’s efforts to silence dissidents abroad.

Japan’s effort to forcibly return Saberi violates of the principle of non-refoulement: “no refugee should be returned in any manner whatsoever to any country where he or she would be at risk of persecution.” Japan has signed the Convention and Protocol on the Status of Refugees, where this principle in enshrined.

A vocal critic of the Islamic Republic, Mr. Saberi legitimately fears persecution. The world knows the atrocities the Islamic Republic inflicts on its citizens: Neda Soltan was shot dead in the street, simply for walking among peaceful protesters last June. Mohammad Valian, a 20-year old boy whose only “crime” was calling for freedom and throwing a rock, was sentenced to death. We know what this regime will do to a man who has spent much of his life condemning this murderous regime.

Saberi warrants refugee status and protection under UN conventions. Japan must uphold these principles or be complicit in the bloody work of the Islamic Republic. Japan must recognize the implications of its act in the Saberi case: violating the principle of non-refoulement will have dire consequences for refugees worldwide. I am especially concerned for thousands of Iranian refugees surviving precariously in Turkey. The world does not want Turkey to follow a poor example set by Japan. The world will not forget, nor forgive, any nation that is complicit with the depraved Islamic regime.

Japan must reconsider its position and set appropriate precedent by freeing Jamal Saberi, halting deportation, establishing his refugee status, and implementing appropriate protections to preserve his life.

Concerned Citizen


3 thoughts on “Letter to the Japanese Administration (Prime Minister and Cabinet) re Saberi

  1. I am deeply ashamed that my country’s government is going to do it again – an act of violation of the principle of non-refoulement. I’ll write to the PM, the Justice Minister and every one else who are directly concerned.

    Unfortunately, this sample message, with almost 3,000 letters, is too long [ed note: the length of text has been modified to comply with 2,000 character limit – thanks to our Japanese friend] for the letter form at kantei.go.jp where they accept message that is “no more than 2,000 letters” as clearly stated on the form. So you need to make it a lot shorter before you can post the message.

    Japan’s immigration laws and policies are, in general, pretty much racist. And I am ashamed and disgusted about it.

    Posted by Ashamed Japanese | March 21, 2010, 10:33 pm
    • Dear Japanese Friend,

      We thank you sincerely for your understanding and support.

      I personally thank you for pointing out the word limit on the message – I missed it. I’ll revise and repost.

      Working together we can push towards the humane society that we desire, and it heartens me to know that you are there standing with us for that better society.

      Warmest regards,

      Posted by missionfreeiran | March 21, 2010, 11:59 pm


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