ENG: Next steps (1)

Dear All:

Thanks to everyone for their contributions of translations and encouraging words of support and commitments to help implement these actions.

Right now we have the following translations of our campaign objectives and approaches either in hand or forthcoming: Farsi, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Next steps: We need to assemble national teams to do targeted outreach. For each country where we have supporters, we need 4-5 community outreach coordinators.

The coodinators will each reach out to a specific community. While recognizing that there are overlaps among these communities, here is a starting list of communities that we can focus on mobilizing:

– Women’s organizations/communities
– Worker/labor organizations/communities
– Student organizations/communities
– LGBT organizations/communities
– Faith-based organizations/communities

These outreach coordinators will start by finding the most active individuals and grassroots organizations in their country within the community that they are responsible for.

After the outreach coordinator has assembled a solid list of these activist individuals and organizations for the community they are responsible for, then we start to direct the campaign towards those individuals/organizations/communities and ask them to carry our message.

In the meantime, everyone of US here in this group needs to start blogging, tweeting, and sending the message out from our campaign to our governments and to the UN. I am going to start drafting sample materials for that (basically drawing from the documents that we already have available). I will draft, ask for initial feedback, and then post a final version that people can base their own blog posts on. We don’t expect you to just copy and paste this, but to use as basis for developing your own writing and advocacy for this campaign.

If any of this is not clear, at this point, please let me know. If you have suggestions for improvement, please make your voice heard. Fresh ideas from a variety of perspectives will strengthen our efforts.

At this moment, we need to establish the national teams so for those who can serve as an outreach coordinator in their country, please send me the following information:
1) What country you live in
2) What community you would like to focus your outreach efforts on

Many, many thanks. :)

Mission Free Iran


One thought on “ENG: Next steps (1)

  1. let me know how i can help

    Posted by maryam | February 2, 2011, 11:49 pm

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