Saudi Arabia prepares to execute a “convicted sorceror”

~Ahmad Fatemi (Sia)

It was in the news that the Saudi regime is about to execute a “convicted sorcerer.” He will be beheaded this week. You heard me right: a “SORCERER” is going to be BEHEADED. Don’t be surprised, this is what that regime is about, this is what they do to people and the way they do it. They would very much like to behead people on Thursdays and in public, and if there are some youngsters, especially women, to lash before the highlight of the show they like it even better.

“Non-believers” of the truth about this upside down world may ask: WHY BEHEADING? WHY IN PUBLIC?

Well, they want their show to be colourful.

For a normal, mentally healthy human being it is hard to imagine, but running blood from a decapitated body surely leaves a long lasting effect on the observer. That is a very frightening experience to watch; it is an effective scene, a “good” such a scene!

Why in public? Because they want as many people in the audience as possible, like any other showmen would. No public, no show! Here like any other show the public is the target, and just like any other show there is a message to deliver! Here, prolonged fear of God and his rule on earth and a chilling sense of helplessness are what the audience is expected to bring home from this orgy of savagery, this show of insanity.

Beheading is nothing new to Saudi people; They have been “performed” once in a while for decades now, generations of kings and generations of Muftis have supervised the climax of this barbarism so they are not really insane; They very well know WHAT they are doing and WHY.

Thursdays for Saudi people are a reminders of who is running the show. Thursday in Saudi Arabia is the day which runs through all other days of the week, the year, years and decades, prolongs the fear and helplessness deep in the souls and minds of the audience, the public the people of Saudi Arabia.

It is not important who that unfortunate “convicted sorcerer” is. This is not the point and never has been. Not now, and not ever – he could be any one, you and me; we all surely have done “stranger” things than this poor guy has! Do you ever forecast how the weather would be in the coming summer? There you go! His crime is of that manner, and the poor guy is an entertainer, a showman, and in the world of show business he is a nobody! But if you have not heard the news, here is some short information provided by one of our board members, Joanne Michele, who usually signs off her mails with the following quotation from Jimi Hendrix:
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”!

She wrote: “Ali Hussain Sabat is the former host of a popular call-in show that aired on the Beirut-based satellite TV channel Sheherazade. On the show, he answered callers’ questions about the future and dispatched general advice on life questions. Under Saudi Arabia’s strict interpretation of Islam, that’s considered sorcery — a crime punishable by death. The Saudi religious police burst into Sabat’s hotel room in the city of Medina in 2008 and arrested him while on a Muslim pilgrimage to the kingdom. A Saudi court convicted Sabat last year and sentenced him to death. In Saudi Arabia, most executions are carried out by beheading the victim with a sword, often in a public square. They’re most commonly carried out on Thursdays, the last day of the work week there.”

The question was WHY? Are these rulers crazy? Are they really human beings or rabies-infected mad dogs?

Surely many of the members of Saudi royal family cannot be classified as “normal” by any standard, but this is not the answer; this is as far as you can get from logical thinking.
This is not about Ali Hussain Sabat. He is only a showman, like any other, and it cannot really be about foreseeing the future; these rulers have themselves invested the capital “zillions of dollars” which they have stolen from the people on the basis of market prognosis for the highest added value, haven’t they?

But what difference does it make who he is and what he has or has not done? Surely what he has done can’t have anything to do with his verdict! Fortunetelling and beheading? But do not bother too much to find a logical connection here; Saudi Arabia, under the sword of one of the most savage regimes in contemporary history, is where they publicly lash a rape victim for the “crime” of being raped!

This is about a system of governance that is with incredible speed losing control over the society of its “submissive subjects.” This is about intimidation, about prolonging the dominance of the element of fear as the only – the only – stabilizing force of an immensely corrupt and out dated model of managing the society in a dynamic world from which rulers no longer can cope with isolating their “subjects.” They have been lashing, beheading, stoning, mutilating, on Thursdays, to enforce the insanity of the Shari’a to the sane, in a madhouse called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and these are indeed very intimidating “public relation policies”, but as in Iran of another Islamic infested regime, fear and helplessness, by force of nature sooner or later out to transform to anger and rage. It is true that this is the only way they can run this insane enterprise, but another truth is that NOT FOR EVER!

This barbarism has not worked in Iran, so on what logical ground should it work in Saudi Arabia? Here too, like in Iran of last 31 years of hangings and stonings and lashings you can scratch the surface of the “official” picture of the Saudi version of kingdom of God’s heaven to see the “loyal subjects” are by the force of human nature burning for freedom and a humane society.

Here too like in Iran, despite decades of the barbaric rule of Islam, the truth is unveiling, here too the army of “non-believers”, infidels, combatants against God – the army of humanity – is entering the scene to own the “show.” The Saudi ruler’s bitter irony is that in a society based on Islamic violence, gender submission and bloody orgies of Thursdays, a “housewife,” a “woman,” a Hissa Hilal single-handedly goes on a TV show and sings for equal rights, shouts against Shari’a laws, humiliates the Muftis and sheikhs, bashes the very foundations of the regime of bloodied swords, and to the millions of Saudi audience members announces the glorious entrance of new players in this show.

WHY beheading and stoning and lashes and all that naked violation of humanity? For God’s swordsmen know the very second they lower their swords, the moment the people ignore the bloody shadow of Saudi Thursdays, these people, the oppressed and the submissive “subjects” of the Kingdom of hell, will send this regime, with its King and 1000 princes, and Sheikhs and Muftis with their bloody Shari’a back to hell, where it belongs.

The depth of insanity associated with Ali Hussain Sabat’s case is another of many, indicating that these Satan’s murderers have no other means but naked, incomprehensible violence, and brutal intimidation to hold their fragile balance, to survive for a few more days here, and few more months there, against the rising waves of free women and men in pursuit of a humane society. Beheading that poor unfortunate Lebanese showman, lashing the rape victims, stoning, the bloody Thursdays of Arabia is only comprehensible in this perspective.

Save Ali Hussain Sabat!
No to execution!

Long live freedom, equality and a humane world!


2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia prepares to execute a “convicted sorceror”

  1. I want to add my name to support the banning of all stoning and all other forms of execution-especiallyfor Sakine and the sorcerer

    Posted by Ann Roy | July 9, 2010, 11:27 am
  2. I pray that the dreadful punishments of beheading and stoning will be banned forever.

    Posted by jan Messeder | July 23, 2010, 6:03 am

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