Contacting Your Country’s Japanese Embassy for Saberi

It is critical that Saberi’s case be handled in accordance with established conventions on refugees and with respect to fundamental human rights standards. It is important for the life of Saberi himself, it is particularly important for the new Iranian refugees whose numbers are growing in places like Turkey, and it is important for all refugees regardless of national origin.

It seems that Japan needs some reminding about its international obligations in terms of the Saberi case, and so we should contact our Japanese Embassies to do that.

Some people are a little bit shy about these things, or just need some ideas about what to say or to write. So we are compiling examples that our friends have shared with us about how they got in touch with the Japanese Embassy in their country. They range from the straightforward to the rather amusing. We hope it inspires you to do the same!


i placed a call while ago at Japanese embassy in manila where i am residing, i warned them about the consequence of their action if the deport saberi ,,,,, please all of you just make a call at Japanese embassy,,,
thank you, marshall shokouhi


RUSS BENNETT (United States)
I called the Japanese embassy yesterday at (202) 238-6700 around 11:50 am (PST) and asked to speak to the Ambassador about his Nations efforts to deport Jamal Saberi. As you can imagine, I was properly screened and transferred to one of his lackeys. I explained that if Japan deports Jamal, he will most likely be tortured and executed. I asked if they could explain their actions, and all I got was to write a letter.

I gave my name and my organization as MFI, and you will be happy to know I resisted the temptation to screw with this staffer by giving my name as MFI Agent Russ Bennett (She would no doubt have wondered what the hell is MFI?) MFI is everywhere, we know where you live… sorry I digress.

The advisor blew me off, and I stated my intentions to use every legal means to change the extradition.

I mentioned a boycott, and as luck would have it, we bought a Chevy over the weekend. I explained I had been a loyal Toyota customer, but will now rethink that.

This put the advisor on the defensive. I then started to interrogate her. She would not give me her name. I then asked her what was her job title, and she became evasive. I pressed with why was she being so secretive… (Ithought to myself, what are they hiding from?)

I then asked her job title, and she replied Advisor.

I then asked her who she advised, and she wouldn’t answer.

She recommended that I send a letter, and I took the address. I then started to explain how much we liked our new Chevy, and she then hung up on me.

I got a flyer for one of those one day training seminars “How to Communicate with Tact and Professionalism” in the mail the other day, I think I will see if I can attend it.


MARIA ROHALY (United States)

I contacted the Japanese Embassy yesterday at 202-238-6700. I spoke with their political office, which took my name and said that they would register my concern with their human rights office.

Their political office staffer was not familiar with Saberi’s case, which is an indicator that we are not doing our job. Everyone in the Japanese Embassy should know very well the name of Saberi, if nothing else.

I asked who I should call back in order to follow up, and was told that there was not much the Embassy could do besides register my concern. I was not even given a contact to follow up with by phone.


Submit your stories of your contact with the Japanese Embassy via the comments section, and we will publish them on this page.

Contact information for all Japanese embassies and consulates worldwide can be found here:



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