Demonstration Against Executions, June 5 2010

(English translation of article from page 7 of Anternasional)

Freedom- and equality-loving people:

The Islamic regime of ignorance and capital, in order to terrorize people, is firing up its killing machinery. Only a few days after its murderous execution of political prisoners (Farzad Kamagar, Shirin Alam-Hooli, Mehdi Eslamian, Farhad Vakili, and Ali Heydarian), 4 men and a woman were executed in Rahsht, 2 in Ahvaz, and 2 in Zahedan.

The danger of execution of Habibollah Latifi is very high. The Islamic regime has set his execution date for the 17th of Khordad. The danger of execution for another five, with the accusation of “cooperation with the MKO” is very high and we need to act to save them. At the same are also Zeinab Jalalian, Shirko Moarefi, Rostam Arkiya, Hossein Khezry, Anwar Rostami, Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, Ghader Mohammed-Zadeh, Mostafa Salimi, Hassan Taley, Iraj Mohammadi, Rashid AkhKandy, Mohammad Amin Agushy, Ahmad Pulad-Khany, Seyed Samy Hosseini, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Aziz Mohammad-Zadeh, Habibollah Golpary.

We need to stop the executions of these people and do something immediately. In addition, an Iranian who was citizen of Canada, after a trip to Iran, has been arrested and condemned to death. And of course there are others on the death row of the Islamic Republic.

We need to protest against these crimes of the Islamic Republic in unity and more broadly than before. We ask all freedom-loving people and political organizations in opposition to the Islamic Republic to demand a stop to the criminal killing machinery of the Islamic regime, to demand freedom for political prisoners, and to support, in unity with the people of Iran, the struggle against the entirety of the Islamic regime and for freedom and equality, and to join us in our protest.

On Saturday the 12th of June and Saturday the 19th of June, there will also be demonstrations in unity with and support of Iranian peoples’ struggle. For more information, contact Saber Rahimi (+9 86 94 001) Khaled Esafi (+9 58 88 970).

Overseas Organization of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, Norway.


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