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31 December 2017: Demonstration in Solidarity with Peoples’ Protests in Iran

On 31st December 2017, activists in Washington DC gathered in front of the offices of the Islamic Republic of Iran to protest against the brutal regime, and to stand in solidarity with peoples’ street protests in Iran.  The chants of protesters in Iran reflect concerns about economic strife, government corruption, and fury at a theocratic … Continue reading

Statement of Mission Free Iran on 14 June 2013 – Protesting the Regime’s Sham “Elections”

This statement was read at the protest action held at regime offices on 14 June 2013, the day of sham “elections” in Iran. The Islamic regime in Iran is in its deepest political and economic crisis. The political crisis, which has followed the regime from the beginning of its existence, has intensified to such a … Continue reading

Exclusion of Iranian Women from University Must Cease; UNESCO Must End Its Legitimation of Gender Apartheid in Iran

Women, Universities, and Revolution in Iran In the wake of the 2009 popular uprising in Iran, the Islamic Republic encountered a reality that it had worked for 32 years to eliminate – a reality which is in its nature contradictory to the Islamic regime and political Islam’s most dominant principal: Women as emancipated and equal … Continue reading

Assad Will Fall, but the Syrian Revolution Will Continue

Assad’s reign of terror is dying, and this is a fact that even the Butcher’s closest friends have understood. The slow-motion fall of Assad’s regime, like the fall of the other dictators in the region, has been marked by numerous bitter ironies that have conditioned the course of the Syrian revolution for bread, equality and … Continue reading

French Powerhouse Union CGT of Addsea Urges ILO to Support Jailed Workers in Iran After Wave of Arrests

In a strong show of support for workers in Iran, the local Addsea branch of French powerhouse union CGT has issued a letter to the International Labor Organization (ILO) in solidarity with workers in Iran, urging the ILO to press the Islamic Republic to free the numerous jailed worker activists currently held as political prisoners … Continue reading