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Fajr Petrochemical Workers on Strike

Iran-Mahshahr, 12 November 2012. The Islamic regime’s news site ILNA reported that 300 workers of Fajr Petrochemicals have been on strike since yesterday. The protests of workers at this factory against the failure to pay the May 1st bonus, the unfulfilled promise of an increase in wages made by the former contracting company RAMPCO, and … Continue reading

شاهرخ زمانی‌ از رجایی شهر به سازمان جهانی‌ کار: سکوت تا کی؟

  سه‌شنبه ۶ نوامبر ۲۰۱۲ ریاست سازمان جهانی کار از : شاهرخ زمانی به : سازمان جهانی کار موضوع  : به زندانی کردن کارگران در ایران اعتراض کنید. ریاست سازمان جهانی کار تا کی سیاست سکوت و انتظار در مقابل سرکوب فعالیت های قانونی کارگران؟  من شاهرخ زمانی عضو سندیکای کارگران نقاش تهران به دلیل … Continue reading

Shahrokh Zamani From Rajaei-shahr to ILO: How Long Silence?

From: Shahrokh Zamani To: the International Labour Organization Subject: Protest against the imprisonment of workers in Iran Date: Nov. 6, 2012 To the Director-General of the ILO: [Farsi] How long will the policy of silence and passiveness towards the suppression of workers’ legal activities last? I, Shahrokh Zamani, member of the House-Painter Workers’ Union of … Continue reading

Retired Workers of Isfahan Steel Mill Issue Ultimatum: “We Will Block the Steel Mill Highway”

Iran – Isfahan, 10 November 2012. Mission Free Iran has previously covered the news of the struggle of the retired workers of the Isfahan Steel Mill and their epic victories to force the employer, the government, to pay their delayed retirement wages. The retired workers of Isfahan Steel Mill did this by making their case … Continue reading

Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations: Preparations for Another Capitalist Attack Embedded in Social Security Organizations’ Amendment Plan!

Recent remarks by Saeed Mortezavi, the general director of Social Security Organizations (SSO), and news published in the media and news sites indicate that this [aforementioned] organization intends to bring changes to Social Security law based on age and background record with regard to retirement from normal as well as difficult and hazardous jobs, increases … Continue reading

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