Human Rights

4 January 2018: Regarding Arrests at Tehran University

Woman at Tehran University on 1 January 2018: She has thrown away hijab and carries a sign that states: “Students would rather die than accept to live in misery!”

The Union of Free Workers of Iran have relayed a statement from the headquarters at Tehran University which, summarized, is as follows:

There have been many arrests of students in Tehran University; security forces have made the situation tense. In light of this, they demand the following:

1) Immediate release of all arrested students with no bail/bond

2) Removal of security forces from the university

Source: Union of Free Workers of Iran

Translation: Monir

1) رسیدگی تا آزادی فوری ، بدون وثیقه و بدون تشکیل پرونده ی قضایی

2) خروج نیرو های امنیتی و لباس شخصی از فضای دانشگاه و خوابگاه ها ، پایان دادن به تهدید ها و بازداشت دانشجویان


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