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5 January 2018: Washington DC Activists Protest Again Outside Iran Regime Offices

action 05 jan 2018 - 1 - sm

On Friday 5 January 2018, activists in Washington DC went again to protest outside of the offices of the theocratic dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in solidarity with and support of the ongoing protests in Iran.

Many political currents were represented by participants in this action, all gathered together with one objective: to support the demands of the freedom-seeking protesters for freedom, equality, and human rights.

Chants called for an end to the Islamic Republic, freedom for Iran, freedom for all political prisoners in Iran, and human rights and democracy for Iran.  They also included current chants of protesters in Iran:

We don’t want islamic regime!
Jomhuri islami, nemikham nemikham!
جمهوری اسلامی نمیخواهیم نمیخواهیم

No to reform or osolgarah, every thing will be finished!
Eslahtalab, osolgarah
dega tammomeh majara
اصلاح طلب،اصول گرا دیگه تموم ماجرا

I will die to get my country back
mimiram mimiram
iran ro pas megeram
میمیرم میمیرم ایران را پس میکیرم

this the last word/ the target is whole government
in akhrin kalameh
hadaf kolah nazameh
این اخرین کلامه / هدف کل نظامه

Translations courtesy of @monir86.

action 05 jan 2018 - 2 - sm


One thought on “5 January 2018: Washington DC Activists Protest Again Outside Iran Regime Offices

  1. nice blog!this protest in iran is kind of different from other protests in iran in past.

    Posted by Siddharth Banga | January 13, 2018, 3:24 am

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