Human Rights, Solidarity with Workers

Three Vahed Bus Company Syndicate Workers Sacked for Pursuing Legal Demands

According to HRANA, 3 members of the Vahed Bus Company Syndicate, Nasser Mohammadzadeh, Vahid Fereidooni, and Ali Noor-baani, were sacked for pursuing their legal demands. These 3 drivers were sacked from their work despite the fact that, even according to the Islamic regime’s anti-laborer laws, workers have the right to unionize and organize trade unions, as well as pursue their legal demands. Of course, thus far, workers in Iran have paid a very high price in pursuit of their most elementary and obvious rights.

HRANA writes: Another member of the Vahed Bus Company Syndicate told HRANA that the three were members of the syndicate, and were dismissed only for pursuing their legal rights through legal channels; he further noted that those drivers who are aware of their social rights cannot be stopped from pursuing their rights through the legal channels, and will do whatever is in their power to achieve their rights.


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