Human Rights, Solidarity with Workers

Shahnaz Sagvand, Spouse of Union Activist Ali Nejati, Cleared of Absurd Charges Pressed by Regime

The Coordinating Commitee to Help Form Workers Organisations (CCHFWO) reports that Shahnaz Sagvand – spouse of Ali Nejati, board member of the Haft-Tappeh Sugar Cane Union – has been cleared of the ridiculous charges brought against her.

CCHWO also reports that Ali Nejati’s “file” has been sent to Sanandaj Court to be prosecuted there. He was charged with talking and singing a very popular Lori song among friends during a visit to Kurdistan!

The Islamic regime, fearing from workers’ organized protests against the current unbearable economic situation, which has literally pushed the working class to the brink of extinction, is trying to deprive protesting workers from their leaders and representatives by detaining and prosecuting labour activists on the most ridiculous charges, as in Ali Nejati’s case.

Shahnaz Sagvand was accused of propaganda against the regime and released on bail. She has now been cleared from all charges. We congratulate dear Shahnaz on this victory against the Islamic regime’s criminal judiciary.

We condemn the Islamic regime’s shameless fabricated charges against Ali Nejati and all other jailed workers. All charges against Ali and other labour activists must be lifted immediately.

We once again demand the immediate and unconditional release of all jailed workers, as well as political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Mission Free Iran
7 November 2012


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