Human Rights

On 8 March, Activists in Washington D.C. Demand Equality for Women in Iran

On 8 March 2018, activists in Washington D.C. gathered in front of regime offices in solidarity with women in Iran to demand equality in honor of 8 March, International Women’s Day.  We were joined by guests who contributed to demands for equality between women and men worldwide, and an end to the gender apartheid regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We raised the names of jailed women activists including Golrokh Iraei, who was on hunger strike.

We criticized the U.N. for their silence on atrocities in Iran, especially atrocities against women.

Demands included:

“We Demand Equal Rights”

“No to Hijab!’

“Freedom for Iran!”

“Equality for Women in Iran!”

“Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!”

“We Demand Social Justice!”


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