Critique, Solidarity with Women, UN Commission on Status of Women Declared Illegitimate

(EN | DA) For our friends outside of the US: Take action! Use US HR1371 (Removal of Islamic Republic from UNCSW) to Pressure Your Government

The US House of Representatives, via House Resolution 1371, has not only given those who live in the US an opportunity to continue to push for the removal of the Islamic Republic – it provides an opportunity for all of us to do so.This letter is to help our friends outside of the United States to inform other governments about the American legislation, and to demand removal of the Islamic Republic. All 54 ECOSOC member countries are responsible for this travesty against women.

Email your representative in government and repeat your demand for removing the Islamic Republic from the National Commission on the Status of Women. (DANSK)

Dear (name of your representative in national government):

At the end of April this year, world leaders stayed silent while the Islamic Republic of Iran – the most virulently misogynistic, gender apartheidist regime in the world – was handed a seat on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women. This criminal gang of murderers and thugs, which should be tried in international court for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide was instead asked to serve as a champion for women’s equality.

Perhaps those who turned a blind eye on 30 years of this gang’s atrocities thought that this “issue” would fade from the public’s consciousness, but I assure you that it has not. Although the United States had initially participated in granting a seat on the Commission on the Status of Women to these anti-woman criminals, under the pressure of spreading public awareness and growing sympathy worldwide for Iranian women’s struggle for equality and freedom, several American Congressmen submitted a bill to their House of Representatives (House Resolution 1371) on May 19 2010 with the following demands of the US government:

That the House of Representatives–

(1) condemns the selection of the Government of Iran to serve on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women;

(2) calls on the Administration to denounce the selection of the Government of Iran to serve on the Commission;

(3) urges the President to direct the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations to use the voice, vote, and influence of the United States at the United Nations to advocate for the removal of the Government of Iran from the Commission; and

(4) reaffirms its solidarity with the Iranian people in their continuing struggle for freedom and human rights, including equal rights for women in Iran.


Your government declined to uphold its duty to stand against the well-known, well documented brutalities that the Islamic regime inflicts upon women. By seating the Islamic regime on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, not only do you give this gang of murderers legitimacy on the international stage, but you allow that government to propagate its misogyny throughout the world, given the Commission’s central role in setting global policy on gender equity and the advancement of women.

It is time to correct your mistake. As a citizen of [xx – your country’s name], I demand that our government take immediate legislative action to ensure the rapid removal of the Islamic regime from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.


[Your name]


5 thoughts on “(EN | DA) For our friends outside of the US: Take action! Use US HR1371 (Removal of Islamic Republic from UNCSW) to Pressure Your Government

  1. Down with Isalmic Regime in Iran( We all are Neda).

    Posted by bahar milani | June 23, 2010, 7:42 pm
  2. Down with the Iranian slaughter Regime !ENOUGH….

    Posted by Pi Overgaard | June 23, 2010, 8:02 pm

    Posted by diana nardella | June 24, 2010, 2:05 am
  4. Danish Version:

    Kære …….
    Ved udgangen af april i år, var verdens ledere tavse, da Den islamiske Republik Iran fik plads i FN’s Kommission om Kvinders Status. Det mest kvindefjendske, køns-apartheid styre, som burde blive stillet for en international domstol for forbrydelser mod menneskeheden, krigsforbrydelser og folkemord, det styre blev i stedet bedt om at fungere som forkæmper for kvinders ligestilling.

    Måske mente de, der har vendt det blinde øje til 30 års overgreb, at spørgsmålet ville blive forbigået i tavshed. Men det kan jeg forsikre dig om, at det ikke vil ske.
    Tværtimod vil jeg bede dig og din regering arbejde for:

    At Folketinget

    1. Fordømmer valget af den iranske regering til at arbejde for kommissionen
    2. Opfordrer administrationen til at stoppe valget af den iranske regering til at arbejde for kommissionen
    3. Opfordrer Statsministeren til at bruge sin indflydelse og bruge den danske stemme i FN til at arbejde for at fjerne den iranske regering fra kommissionen
    4. Bekræfte den danske regerings støtte til de iranske kvinders/ det iranske folks kamp for lige rettigheder og menneskerettigheder


    Den danske regering afviste at stå fast imod den velkendte og veldokumenterede brutalitet, den islamiske republik har påført kvinder. Ved at give den Islamiske Republik sæde i FN’s Kommission om kvinders status, legitimerer du ikke blot overgrebene mod kvinder i Iran, men du giver den iranske regering en platform til at udbrede sit kvindehad til resten af verden, i betragtning af den centrale rolle kommissionen spiller for kvinders ligestilling.
    Det er på tide at rette denne fejl. Som borger i Danmark ønsker jeg at vores regering arbejder aktivt for at sikre en hurtig fjernelse af det islamiske regime fra FN’s Kommission for Kvinders Status.

    Med venlig hilsen

    Posted by Bjarne Kim Pedersen | June 24, 2010, 8:11 am

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