Critique, Solidarity with Refugees

Japan Runs Its Own Kahrizak

by Ahmad Fatemi

According to the latest news from Jamal Saberi, detained in one of the Japanese political prisoners’ camps, 3 detainees have died in the past few months. The last victim was a Philippine refugee who died on February 22nd. The Japanese government is running its own Kahrizak.

What the Japanese government and its barbaric army of rapists and murderers did in East Asia during WW2 against war prisoners and the civilians, especially the women, needed a certain barbaric, fascist ideological support. Seemingly Japan has not progressed in the field of humanity.

I call the Japanese government a bunch of savages, a barbaric bunch of murderers.

Japan! We will make sure that the whole world hear about your crimes against humanity. We will beat you in this, we have promised you this and we are not going anywhere.

The new Japanese concentration camps should be closed now.

Shame on you!
Shame on you for what you did to Chinese and Philippines, for being a devils force of rape, murder, slavery and destruction in the past and what you are now.


2 thoughts on “Japan Runs Its Own Kahrizak

  1. Well. Although I do agree that what the army of what used to be my home did in several countries in the past was totally unacceptable, I am somewhat confused by the wording of this article, which says zero details regarding this matter.

    First. Where is this political prisoners’ camp? As I understand, the said person has been detained in the Tokyo Detention House, which is the place where every criminal suspect of Tokyo will be sent to. If I shoplift in Tokyo, I’ll be there.

    Second. Did he enter Japan as a refugee? The government refuse every asylum seeker who claims as such after their entry to Japan.

    Third. What did he do in Japan? A visitor’s visa is for the purpose of visit, and not for political activities in Japan.

    Fourth. Did he enter Japan legally? Illegal entrants claiming to be refugees long past their entry to Japan will always be deported, and I’ve never seen any exception to this.

    As someone who used to live there many years ago, it is indeed extremely hard to believe that there is a political prisoners’ camp in Japan.

    Posted by Dr. Yoshihisa Katakura | September 22, 2010, 2:59 pm


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