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UK continues deportation campaign against Iranian activists: Young pregnant couple

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UPDATE MAY 6, 2010: UK Border Agency has given 8 hours of notice before deporting Nadia and Bashir TODAY, 6th May at 13:10, on Baltic Airways Gatwick. Please use the model letter below, or see this site for details on contacting the airline.

The UK continues its deportation campaign against Iranian activists, this time a young pregnant couple whose deportation was scheduled for today. The woman, Nadia Arzane, became very distressed at time of boarding and due to stress on the unborn child, they did not fly today as planned. However, they are back in detention and still at very high risk of deportation.

Any deportation of people to Iran, which detains, tortures, and executes political activists just like this couple, is unconscionable, not to mention illegal under UN Status of Refugees conventions, to which England is signatory. But somehow the idea of sending a pregnant woman to her death is more revolting still.

Tell England exactly what you think about sending this young activist couple back for persecution, imprisonment, torture or worse in Iran.

Back story:

Sample letter (add your own righteous indignation) & addresses to mail to:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you with regard to the illegal deportation to Iran of anti-regime activists Nadia Arzane and Bashir Foris, and their unborn child. I demand that this illegal act by the UK, which violates international principles of non-refoulement, be halted and this couple be granted aylum and refugee status.

Understand that England will be held publicly accountable for the fate of this family.


Send to the following:


3 thoughts on “UK continues deportation campaign against Iranian activists: Young pregnant couple

  1. Maria, I’m sorry for not picking up on this earlier.

    Clearly one objective, I imagine there are those already engaged in the process – if so please let me know, is to lobby for a change in the law so there is exists a stipulation that negates these short deadlines, which are clearly aimed at catching protesters off-guard.

    Beyond I think with current technology we can device an early alert system they shall alert the maximum amount of people in the minimum of time. I’ll look into it. I have a one or two ideas in mind already.

    Of course if any one has knowledge of a process similar to this in existence elsewhere, even for something totally unrelated, please let one of us know.

    There are always options. I never believe in defeat until the battle is over.

    Posted by gary | May 8, 2010, 12:03 am


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