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The Workers’ Egypt is Not the Same Old Egypt

by Ahmad Fatemi (This article was first published in Farsi in “Anternasional” # 424.) On Saturday, the 22nd of October, an Egyptian army officer beat up a worker. Do you remember what they have said about revolutions and the effects they have on people and their culture? Nine months ago, beating up a worker never, … Continue reading

The Revolution Continues: Egyptian Teachers Demand Sacking of the Minister of Education

On 24 September 2011, Egyptian teachers’ unions organized a well-attended march from Tahrir Square to the Cabinet. This event was arranged in the continuation of Egyptian teachers’ general strike, which was carried out during the entirety of last week. During the past week, the transitional government has used the usual dirty propaganda tricks to provoke … Continue reading

We Demand an End to Assad’s Regime. We Demand Effective Protection for Syrian Revolutionary People. We Demand Responsibility and Accountability.

The inhumanity of dictator Bashar al Assad is appalling and apocalyptic. People in Syria have been under a prolonged and bloody assault by Assad’s forces, the violent repression is increasing on a daily basis, while governments around the world have kept their silence. The ongoing genocidal slaughter in Syria by Assad’s troops, and the concomitant … Continue reading

Stand with the People in Syria! Down with Dictator Assad! | Protest Action: 25 September 2011, Washington DC

[ARABIC] In 1982, the international community was silent while an estimated 50,000 Syrian people were slaughtered by the forces of Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad. In 2011, that genocidal mass murderer’s son, the present Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, has massacred as estimated 3,000 innocent civilians and shows no signs of stopping. This time, we cannot say … Continue reading

“Teacher, I Learned Lessons of Life and Liberty from You!” Statement from Mothers of Park Laleh for Teacher’s Day

The Mothers of Park Laleh issued an important statement on the occasion of Teacher’s Day this year. We disseminate the translation along with the original here. We will forward their statement to Education International, a teachers’ union representing more than 30 million teachers worldwide that has supported Iranian teachers like Farzad Kamangar, along with our … Continue reading

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