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Deportation of Ali Mansouri Halted!

Report from Friday 26 August 2011: Ali Mansouri was on the plane this morning in Stockholm Sweden. The flight was about to take off to deport this young man to hell in Iran. But these beautiful people would not give up on Ali. The humane front would not let him be sent back to the bloody hands of the Islamic regime. The activists on the ground decided to pool their money & bought a ticket to Tehran.

Matthias from Justice Party in Sweden got on the plane. Matthias managed to arrange for a feed from Swedish national television to film what was happening on the plane. The activists on ground managed to stop deportation of Ali Mansouri. When I was talking to Ahmad Fatemi you could hear celebration on TV. LONG LIVE ANDISHE, MATTHIAS, EBI & EVERYONE THERE WHO REPRESENTED THE HUMANE FRONT FOR ALL OF US!!!

We thank each and every one of you who supported Ali Mansouri.

Here is Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet’s account: Aktivister stoppade avvisning på Arlanda

Here is the report from the Justice Party


3 thoughts on “Deportation of Ali Mansouri Halted!

  1. Very happy that the deportation of Ali Mansouri is halted.
    I hope the Swedish goverment understands the situation of the Iranian people askying for asylum.
    Lissie Lenort

    Posted by Lissie Lenort | August 29, 2011, 2:20 pm
  2. i dont want ali to go back in iran the regume is not well i dont want to see him die, for something hi never done. i am from iran, and i know how had is now and before.so please help ali to be here and have peace and love from any one!!!

    Posted by rahma bella | October 12, 2011, 4:40 pm


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