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A Message to Iranian Asylum-Seekers and Refugees in Iraq from the ICRIR

Iranian asylum-seekers fleeing to Iraq face extreme obstacles in obtaining recognition of their rights; they are also at high risk of forced return to Iran due to the political relationship between the governments of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This document briefly describes the situation for Iranian asylum-seekers in Iraq and provides some … Continue reading

MFI Poster Series to Commemorate 20 June 2011: International Day of Support for Political Prisoners in Iran

Mission Free Iran is supporting the call of the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran to mark June 20 as the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran by creating a poster series to specifically for this action. Each poster features a different political prisoner, and we will be adding to the … Continue reading

ICRIR: Activists in Berlin to Demonstrate at the Cypriot Embassy in Support of Iranian and Other Refugees in Cyprus

Activists in Berlin will extend the application of pressure to the Cypriot government, demanding that the human rights of asylum-seekers in Cyprus be upheld according to European Union and international law. CODE e.V. has organized a protest action in Berlin in support of Iranian and other refugees in Cyprus for this Friday, 27 May 2011. … Continue reading

ICRIR: URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Stop Illegal Deportation of Hussein Gafeel Hwaees from Iraq to Iran!

Mr Hussein Gafeel Hwaees (born 16 May 1984 in Ahwaz, Iran) is an Iranian asylum seeker in Iraq. He has been illegally imprisoned at Markazi Amarah, Mayson Province, Iraq, and is shortly to be handed over to Iranian authorities, even though this is contrary to Iraqi laws and treaties under the United Nations Convention Against … Continue reading

Deadly Interactions: Refugees and Denial of Access to Health Care in Cyprus – An Open Letter to the European Union Court of Human Rights

To the European Union Court of Human Rights: We are writing to you concerning the life-threatening medical situation facing an asylum-seeker in Cyprus. A refugee is in the process of dying a slow and painful death due to the Cypriot government’s practice of functionally denying medical care to refused asylum-seekers. (1) Elahe Rahimi, an Iranian … Continue reading