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ICRIR: Activists Protest Outside Cyprus Embassy in Belgium, Demand Rights of Iranian Refugees Be Upheld

Activists in Brussels, Belgium have gone to the Embassy of Cyprus to demand that the rights of Iranian refugees be upheld by the Cypriot government. Organized by Nadia Borremans and Morteza Mollazeinal, the two-day protest action included a meeting with Ambassador Mavronicola–Droushiotis on 16 May 2011 and group demonstration outside the Embassy of Cyprus on … Continue reading

ICRIR: Illegally-detained Iranian Refugees in Cyprus Receive Offers of Conditional Release; One Asylum Case Re-opened

Our contacts in the Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement have informed us that on Tuesday, 17 May 2011, three of the detained asylum-seekers in Central Nicosia Prison received letters of release from detention. Ghassem Navkhouri and Reza Hamzeh have received leave to stay for 6 months, after which they are required to present their passports to … Continue reading

It’s Time to Come to the Streets Worldwide Again This June. Free All Political Prisoners in Iran! Not One More Execution!

The prisons of the Islamic Republic are overflowing with people detained for political reasons. The Islamic Republic is executing people at an apalling rate, most recently Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, young brothers who were executed because their family members were political activists. Now their mother has been added to the ranks of political prisoners: she … Continue reading

The Mother of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi Has Been Arrested at Her Sons’ Funeral

The mother of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi, after the execution of her beloved sons, declared: “Don’t cry – this is festival of FREEDOM!” At the funeral, they played music & danced, as is tradition in the region where the family is from (they are Bakhtiyari Lor from the Zagros Mountains of Fars). One hundred shots … Continue reading

Protest the Executions of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi! No Peace for the Islamic Republic of Murderers!

Today, 17 May 2011, at 10:45am, in protest against this morning’s depraved and barbaric murder of Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi by the Islamic Republic, Mission Free Iran visited the regime offices in Washington DC and papered their wall with a protest sign reading, “DOWN with the Islamic Republic of Murderers! We Do Not Forget Our … Continue reading

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