Solidarity with Refugees

IFIR/ICRIR Protest Action, Örebro, Sweden: Solidarity with Refugees, Condemnation of Ghezal Hesar Massacre

Navid Mirpourzadih, a refugee himself and the lead of the Örebro chapter of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees, is organizing a protest action in Örebro, Sweden on 29 March 2011:

IFIR/ICRIR Protest Action
1- in support of Iranian refugees in Iraq
2- to condemn the bloodbath in Ghezal-Hesar
3- to condemn the Swedish Government’s policies regarding asylum seekers.

City: Örebro, Sweden
Place: Stortorget,
Date: Tuesday 29 March
Time: 16:00 – 17:00
Contact: Navid Mirpourzadih
phone: 0736587957


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