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Message from Bita and Mohsen: DEPORTATION CANCELLED!

bita ghaedi

The below is a mail sent by Mohsen at 9:27pm EST on May 4 2010:

Dear all

Bita’s flight has been cancelled at 6.30pm. Home Office had to cancel Bita’s removal direction after it had been ordered by United Kingdom High Court(5pm) and EU Human Right Court(6pm).

I use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who support us in different occasions all the time. Even though Bita is still in detention centre and it seems there is a long way to get our aim but it is the hardest step that we could successfully pass with your help and I am sure you will support her till the end.

The solicitor Mr Vasoodoven has already asked Home Office to release her and as we are sure they are not going to do that so he will ask for bail court.

We have to collect and prepare all the documents for Oral Hearing set on 21 July.

In the end, thanks for all who had planned to join us for tomorrow demonstration, there won’t be any at the moment.

Your sincerely
Bita & Mohsen

MFI wishes Bita and Mohsen continued strength as they navigate a fundamentally unfair system. Above all we wish them happiness. Their struggles have shed light on the rotten underbelly of the immigration bureau in England, and they have forced us to question the way that refugees are treated worldwide.

Tonight we can breathe a little easier, maybe go to sleep a few minutes earlier, but it is not yet time to rest from our work. Asylum-seekers still languish in detention centers from the UK to the US, from Norway and Sweden to Japan and Turkey. We are learning what we can accomplish when we work together. And so together we will continue to demand justice in our world, we will work for it, and we will attain it.

-Maria Rohaly


13 thoughts on “Message from Bita and Mohsen: DEPORTATION CANCELLED!

  1. Nice work to all involved. Congratulations Bita & Mohsen.

    Posted by Walton K. Martin III | May 5, 2010, 4:18 am
  2. Maria, I saw this mentioned briefly on twitter and although it appeared to come from a reliable source, details were sketchy. So have been cautious.

    You’ve had previous contact with Bita and/or Mohsen haven’t you? In other words you’re confident this is legit?

    Sorry do I sound overly cynical? It’s because I’m overly cynical :) Plus I’m not sure I’ve slept in the last couple of days, though planning on attending the demo, so that’s why I might be rambling and I’ll keep this a short message, .

    I think you even sent me this via facebook but for whatever reason I never got back to reading it. So I probably should have been onto this earlier.

    Anyway if this is fact then, the tears of joy I wept openly on seeing that initial, though vague twitter msg: shall not have been in vain.

    But yes the fight goes on!

    Posted by gary | May 5, 2010, 5:20 am
  3. Yes, Gary – I received an email directly from Mohsen. :) That is it, copied and pasted above. :) And yes, I will join you in those tears of joy. :)

    Posted by missionfreeiran | May 5, 2010, 5:38 am

    I can’t believe this – I am ready to go with a half drawn up placard and stop-honour-killings banner from IKWRO in my study. Talk about last minute!!

    I am so happy for Bita, but Maria is right that this case, being so clear cut, has shed light on what was previously right happening under our noses. It is terrifying to know that Bita was one of many. I only found out that her case was not so unique halfway through my campaigning of UK media and organising the protest and tried to change the literature accordingly.

    A quick glance at some of the comments left on the petition reveal how shocking this case has been to the ignorant:

    I wish Bita and Mohsen all the best. They had thousands of people on their side hoping that the deportation was cancelled, thousands more willing to make a big noise about it, and even many many strangers willing to protest on their behalf at Heathrow. People do care, yet the British authorities do us a disservice.

    Shame on them. I am going to Heathrow anyway to celebrate (I have an idea for a good photo with my half finished placard). ;-)

    Posted by Shreen | May 5, 2010, 6:53 am
  5. ^apologies for any typos and poorly worded phrases. I’ve had little sleep too, trying to organise the protest. :s (Worth it though!!)

    Posted by Shreen | May 5, 2010, 6:55 am
  6. “Asylum-seekers still languish in detention centers from the UK to the US, from Norway and Sweden to Japan and Turkey. We are learning what we can accomplish when we work together. And so together we will continue to demand justice in our world, we will work for it, and we will attain it.” – Maria Rohaly

    Solidarity :)

    Posted by gary | May 5, 2010, 7:11 am
  7. Via twitter user TheVeni1 (from The Iran Information Project)

    On Tuesday 4th May 2010, @TheVeni1 said:

    The Stop Deportation Effort is not over. #Iranelection @shreenayob @ncadc @Khoshkeledoc @coffee_n_cream @hrw

    Today I was informed of a list of deportees at the UKBA. Two days ago I was informed of a tortured victim of the IRI being held in the USA.

    If we hadn’t been advised about Bita Ghaedi we would never have known of her dilemma. How many others go unnoticed? It is time that all deportation cases be posted publicly 90 to 180 days ahead of deportation so that we can be sure each refugee is represented properly and according to international law.

    Every refugee or asylum seeker has the right of appeal and to have their case heard in the European Court of Human Rights. We were very lucky this time as Bita’s appeal was filed on Friday April 31, 2010 with no time to spare. Five days notice of an impending deportation is not enough.

    Even worse than that is being incarcerated and having no family or friends to make others aware of your detention. Bita has a partner who did just that but how many don’t? We need to fight to have these cases made public were NGO’s can view them and ascertain that every right has been granted these individuals.
    I will post more on this later.

    I’d like to thank all those involved in helping with Bita’s case. Senator McCain and his Staff, Human Rights Watch, everyone at Iranelection, the NGO’s and human rights groups and especially the protesters that took to the streets for Bita both in the UK and the USA. We are one. :)


    Very well said. :)

    Posted by Shreen | May 5, 2010, 7:19 am
  8. I’d also like echo the many sentiments above by adding an edited section of my reply to Maria’s comment at my site:

    Complacency is not an option.
    This is in no way the end of the story, merely the drawing to close of one chapter. I urge those whose conscience has been awoken by Bita’s case to please continue on and spread the word about others innocent sufferers whose only ‘crime’ is the attempt to flee danger.

    Who of us would not do the same?

    Plus, from what I estimate, if the Conservatives gain political power, I fear there might be still further reductions in the rights of asylum seekers, so we really have no choice but to remain ever vigilante – whoever gains power.

    They may try to lock us down with endless new laws. But crucially there are still, and will always remain, more of us than them.

    And never let them forget they’re our public servants. As such, they’re our employees.

    Posted by gary | May 5, 2010, 8:22 pm


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