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About Sharif Saaed-panaah

About Sharif Saaed-panaah Sharif Saaed-panaah, one of six Coordinators of the 30,000 signature Workers’ Petition and board member of Independent Iranian Workers’ Union, was arrested at his home on the afternoon of Sunday 10 March 2013 and as of today remains detained in the (Ministry of) Information Office of Sanandaj. Sharif Saaed-panaah is a worker … Continue reading

Photos from 8 March 2013 Action Demanding Equality for Women in Iran & Worldwide, Washington DC

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Protest of the Syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company against the Minimum Wage Set for 1392 (2013)

While the cruel giants of rising expenses, inflation, unemployment, usury, forestalling, brokery, bribery, chaos and incompetence, economic corruption, discrimination, and poverty continue to tear asunder the drained and weakened bodies of the majority of workers and toilers, retired people and those on fixed incomes, and the impoverished; While the poverty line has reached 2 million … Continue reading

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