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INTERNATIONAL PROTEST: 5 November: International Day of Solidarity with Workers in Iran

JOIN US IN INTERNATIONAL PROTEST in support of Iranian workers – currently participating cities are listed below; please contact Maria Rohaly if you would like to add your city to the protest action. Labor leaders currently in prison include: – Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, sentenced to 6 years in prison – Reza Shahabi in prison since June … Continue reading

RS Should Not Have Been Deported by the Swedish Government (ENG) | ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد.

[FARSI] RS was deported on Friday, 21st October at 6:30 in the morning from Sweden to Iran. RS arrived in Sweden 11 years ago, applied for asylum, was denied, worked, had a work-related accident, went under surgery, was denied the usual insurance benefits because he was denied asylum, and was handicapped for life. Three days … Continue reading

ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد. | RS Should Not Have Been Deported by the Swedish Government.

[ENGLISH] ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد. ر.س. روز  جمعه ۲۱ اکتبر صبح ساعت ۶ و۳۰ دقیقه از سوئد به ایران دیپورت شد. ر.س. ۱۱ سال پیش به سوئد آمد ، تقاضای پناهندگی داد ، جواب رد گرفت ، کار کرد ، در محل کار دچار سانحه شد، زیر عمل جراحی رفت، از بیمه‌های معمول اجتماعی در سوئد … Continue reading

URGENT: Swedish Government to Deport Torture & Execution Risk RS In Hours – PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW

URGENT: RS is going to be deported at 6:55am Friday October 21 from Arlanda airport. He has been in Sweden since 2001. His lawyer, Gunnel Stenberg, promised to file his case with the EU Court of Human Rights but – according to Nasi Peyghambarian who has helped RS in every possible way in the past … Continue reading

ICRIR Report on Four Iranian Asylum Seekers in Sweden: Mitra Kahrom, Ali Mansouri, Fouad Velzi and Namjo Tahmi

October 18, 2011 by Ahmad Fatemi Last week was a relatively successful week for Iranian asylum-seekers who were under threat of deportation in Sweden. It was said that Fouad Velzi would be deported on Friday 7 October 2011. Based on this information, many people began to undertake extraordinary activities on his behalf. After a conversation … Continue reading