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Take Action: Norwegian Government Deporting Several Political Asylum-Seekers to Iran

Dear Friends: We learned today that the Norwegian government deported 2 Iranian political asylum-seekers yesterday, and there is a high probability that they will deport two more tomorrow. There appears to be an uptick in the rate of deportations of Iranians from Norway, and this demands that the Norwegian government be confronted about its asylum … Continue reading

سه‌ شنبه‌های همبستگی‌، کمیته قبرس میشن فری ایران

[report from Mission Free Iran Cyprus, 27 September 2011] ا ولین تظاهرات کمیته قبرس میشن فری ایران در ارتباط با کمپین سه شنبه‌های همبستگی‌ با زندانیان سیاسی و خانوادهای آنان ، در سه‌ شنبه ۲۷ سپتامبر در نیکوزیا برگزار شد. میشن فری ایران این کمپین جهانی‌ را تا روز سرنگونی جانیان اسلامی ادامه خواهد داد … Continue reading

The Revolution Continues: Egyptian Teachers Demand Sacking of the Minister of Education

On 24 September 2011, Egyptian teachers’ unions organized a well-attended march from Tahrir Square to the Cabinet. This event was arranged in the continuation of Egyptian teachers’ general strike, which was carried out during the entirety of last week. During the past week, the transitional government has used the usual dirty propaganda tricks to provoke … Continue reading

RENEWED CALL: URGENT: Letter-Writing Action: Stop Sweden’s Illegal Deportation of Ahwazi Activist Ali Mansouri!

UPDATE: Although Ali Mansouri’s deportation has now twice been halted by amazing acts of international solidarity, he remains at high risk of deportation; the Swedish government wants to defeat the movement for refugee rights. Don’t let them. Write & demand again that the Swedish government recognize Ali’s right to asylum. PLEASE URGENTLY SEND THIS SAMPLE … Continue reading

Swedish Government’s Latest Attempt to Deport Iranian Opposition Activist Ali Mansouri Defeated by Honorable Members of the General Public, the People*

On 26 August 2011, the Swedish government attempted to deport anti-regime activist Ali Mansouri back to torture and possible execution in Iran. Having defeated all legal measures to stop Ali’s deportation, the Swedish Migration Authorities did not count on the tenacity of progressive social forces in Sweden. Swedish, Iranian and other asylum rights activists, and … Continue reading

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