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Swedish Government Denies Iranian Labor Unionist Asylum

Swedish government intends to violate international asylum law again The Swedish government has denied asylum to Iranian union activist Ezzat Dolatabadi, putting him at risk of forced deportation to Iran – a place where unionists are systematically harassed, arrested, and detained under torture as political prisoners. The Swedish government, as an important and well-respected member … Continue reading

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan: The fascist attack of the Iranian Cleric regime on Afghan refugees will not go unanswered!

Reblogged from the website of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan: The notorious and murderous Iranian regime, which doesn’t recognize any human values, is world-renowned for killing, imprisoning and insulting freedom-seeking Iranians, women, national and religious minorities and refugees. This is why in the past three decades of Afghanistan’s destruction; it hasn’t had the least sympathy … Continue reading

Letter-Writing Action: Demand the UNHCR Condemn Racist Attacks on Afghan Refugees in Iran

At the beginning of this month, July 2012, racist mobs conducted a mass assault against Afghan worker refugees (described here). UNHCR has chosen to remain condemnably silent on these attacks. We urge everyone to use the below sample letter and write to UNHCR demanding: 1) condemnation of the attacks on Afghan refugees, and 2) UNHCR’s … Continue reading

First They Came for the Afghans…

“6. Complete social rights and economic security for immigrant workers.” — Demand 6 of Iranian Workers Demands, Issued by the Organizing Committee in Recognition of May 1, 2008 from Sanandaj, Iran (1) At the beginning of the month of July of this year, reports began to emanate from Iran of vicious mobs assaulting Afghan workers … Continue reading

…و آنها ابتدا به سراغ افغانها آمدند.

اخبار و گزارشات منتشره در روز‌های اخیر حاکی هستند که در ابتدای ماه جولای امسال، اوباش و اراذل، به ویژه در شهر یزد دست به حملات وحشیانه‌ای بر علیه کارگران افغانی و خانواده‌های آنها زده اند. در شهر یزد دست کم ۲۰۰ خانه محل سکونت خانواده‌های مهاجرین افغانی طی شبیخون‌های جنون آمیز نژاد پرستانه به … Continue reading

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