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LGBT Update: Kiana Firouz Wins Asylum in the UK While Homosexuality in Iran Continues to Draw the Death Penalty

The UK’s policies and practices towards asylum seekers in general have been repeatedly criticized for their abusiveness and inhumanity. Perhaps no group has suffered more discrimination from the UK Border Agency than gay asylum-seekers: a recent report found that 98 percent of gay asylum-seekers are forcibly returned to their home country to a likely fate … Continue reading

Event Report: May 1, 2010: Protest at British Embassy Against Inhumane Deportation Policies

Photo courtesy of MrZand (Apologies to everyone for this late posting, especially to our good friends at LGBT Asylum News in the UK, who helped get the word out about this protest at the British Embassy in Washington DC, USA. The UK Border Agency kept us busy fighting their attempted deportation of Bita Ghaedi on … Continue reading

Unity for a humane world

Unity for a humane world by Ahmad Fatemi Jamal Saberi is not a unique refugee. There are millions like Jamal all around the world, from South Africa to Iran and from sub-Saharan Africa to Canada. Jamal is not the first victim of this inhumane system of governance which rulers of the world have imposed on … Continue reading

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