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The Little Black Fish, by Samad Behrangi (1968)

File under: Revolution It was the coldest night of the winter. At the bottom of the sea an old fish gathered together 12,000 of her children and grandchildren and began to tell them a story. Once upon a time a little black fish lived with its mother in a stream which rose out of the … Continue reading

Iranian People’s Uprising against the Islamic Republic Forces Mousavi & Karroubi to Remove Khomeini’s Image from Kaleme Site

Yesterday’s uprising in Iran proved unquestionably that the desire of people in Iran is to dismantle the entirety of the Islamic Republic. Although the day of protests was ostensibly “called” by Mir Hossein Mousavi, an Islamic reformist politician who continues to support a Khomeinist theocracy in Iran, the tens of thousands of Iranian people who … Continue reading

Egypt: The Bread and Freedom Revolution

(French translation below) After decades of suffocating under dictatorship, people in Egypt poured into the streets by the millions to say they have had enough, they can no longer take this, and they deserve a humane life. The events in Egypt are not thunder from a blue sky; revolutions never are. If the events in … Continue reading

Stand against Slaughter in Egypt

Dear Friends, Right now there are widespread government attacks against people protesting for their freedom and equality in Egypt. People worldwide must express their outrage in solidarity with people in Egypt. As people around the world stood and still stand with Iranian people, we must also support Egyptian people in their time of dire need, … Continue reading

Mission Free Iran Stands in Solidarity with Egyptian Uprising to Demand Freedom, Dignity, Equality in Egypt

Mission Free Iran stands in solidarity with the uprising people in Egypt, who demand real democracy, freedom, equality, and economic and social justice. To demonstrate our support, we participated in today’s (January 29) protest at the Egyptian Embassy; photos from the event are below. Mission Free Iran and Action for Democracy and Human Rights in … Continue reading

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