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Navid Can Not Be Deported

Yesterday, 16 August 2011, activists from various organizations, among them the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) and the Justice Party (RP), gathered outside the Migration Office’s headqarters in Solna, Sweden. This demonstration was in support of the Iranian political activist Navid Mirpourzadeh, who the Swedish government intends to deport to the arms of the Islamic murderers … Continue reading

In His Own Words: A Brief Biography of Houtan Kian, the Lawyer Sentenced to Execution for His Defense of Sakineh Ashtiani

This biographical statement is provided by Houtan Kian, excerpted from his handwritten letter from prison. Minor edits and subheadings have been added to improve readability without changing meaning. The Early Years I was born on 21 January 1974. According to a widespread Iranian (Tabrizi) tradition, my late father increased my age by one year in … Continue reading

Houtan Kian, Lawyer for Sakineh Ashtiani, at Imminent Risk of Execution

The International Committees against Stoning and Execution have issued a press release regarding the imminent execution of Houtan Kian, the lawyer who defended Sakineh Ashtiani throughout her ordeal. He has been brutally tortured and is to be executed for defending his client. We do not accept this in silence. Mission Free Iran has reproduced the … Continue reading

Event Report for the December 11 Protest against the UN: Criminalize Stoning, Expel Anti-Woman Regimes from UN’s Women’s Organzations

The protest against the United Nations in New York City on December 11, in recognition of Human Rights Day, was a great success. Over 50 people – from across the ideological spectrum, male and female, of many ethnicities and nationalities – gathered to affirm that we stand for equality and human rights for women, and … Continue reading

Introductory Statement to the Program of the December 11 Protest against the UN: Shirin Nariman

Shirin Nariman, founder of the Women’s Alliance for Change in Iran, gave the introduction for the December 11 protest against the UN and its animosity towards the women of the world. She was also a key contributor to the organization of the very successful protest action. Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of the organizers I … Continue reading

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