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Event Report for the December 11 Protest against the UN: Criminalize Stoning, Expel Anti-Woman Regimes from UN’s Women’s Organzations

The protest against the United Nations in New York City on December 11, in recognition of Human Rights Day, was a great success. Over 50 people – from across the ideological spectrum, male and female, of many ethnicities and nationalities – gathered to affirm that we stand for equality and human rights for women, and … Continue reading

What is a Canadian citizenship worth? For some, not much.

The fates of dual Canadian-Iranian citizens Ziba Kazemi, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, and Hossein Derakhshan Contemplating her image, I note that the bright spark of Zahra “Ziba” Kazemi’s personality cannot be contained within the frame of any photograph. A photojournalist who refused to be restricted by geographic boundaries, every picture of Ziba is radiant, reflecting a woman … Continue reading

Mission Free Iran’s Statement at the September 23 Protests on the Occasion of the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York City: THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC IS THE MURDERER OF PEOPLE IN IRAN, NOT THE REPRESENTATIVE OF PEOPLE IN IRAN

(note: this statement was read several times during the course of the September 23 protests against the presence of Ahmadnejad as the representative of the Islamic Republic at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City. This statement was read very loudly in front of the hotel where the criminal and mass-murderer Amadinejad … Continue reading

Join us in New York to Give Ahmadinejad HELL at the Hilton! Thursday Sept 23, from 9am-noon!

Agenda & Statement for WASHINGTON DC September 18 Protest against Allowing the Regime of Flogging and Stoning to Attend the 2010 UN General Assembly

This is the agenda that has been set for the Washington DC September 18 protest against allowing the Regime of Stoning and Flogging to attend the UN General Assembly. The protest will be held Saturday, September 18 at 1pm at the United Nations Information Center at 1775 K St NW, Washington, DC. A list of … Continue reading

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