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Soutien Houtan Kian, l’avocat de Sakineh Ashtiani, détenues en vertu de la torture pour deux ans

10 octobre 2012 marque le deuxième anniversaire de la date à laquelle Houtan Kian, l’avocat honorable et courageux pour Sakineh Ashtiani, a été arrêté, détenu et tenu sous la torture par le régime islamique en Iran. Il reste en détention et en mauvais état. Cette semaine, nous allons invitant tout le monde à prendre un … Continue reading

امروز دو سال است که جاوید هوتن کیان٬وکیل مدافع سکینه محمدی آشتیانی در زندان و زیر شکنجه است.برای آزادی هوتن بکوشیم.

۱۰ اکتبر ۲۰۱۲ دومین سالگرد دستگیری٬ بازداشت٬ شکنجه و زندانی شدن هوتن کیان٬ وکیل مدافع شریف و شجاع سکینه محمدی آشتیانی است.هوتن همچنان و تحت شرایطی غیر قابل تحمل زندانی است.طی این هفته ما خواهیم کوشید همگان را به امضاء کردن نامه زیر و ارسال آن به هیاتهای نمایندگی سازمان ملل متحد و اتحادیه اروپا … Continue reading

Support Houtan Kian, Lawyer for Sakineh Ashtiani, Detained Under Torture for Two Years Today

October 10, 2012 is the second anniversary of the date on which Houtan Kian, honorable and courageous lawyer for Sakineh Ashtiani, was arrested, detained, and held under torture by the Islamic regime in Iran. He remains under detention and in poor condition. This week we will be urging everyone to take a moment to send … Continue reading

Exclusion of Iranian Women from University Must Cease; UNESCO Must End Its Legitimation of Gender Apartheid in Iran

Women, Universities, and Revolution in Iran In the wake of the 2009 popular uprising in Iran, the Islamic Republic encountered a reality that it had worked for 32 years to eliminate – a reality which is in its nature contradictory to the Islamic regime and political Islam’s most dominant principal: Women as emancipated and equal … Continue reading

Mission Free Iran Statement on the Occasion of 20 June: International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran (2012)

It has been a year since we, many of us in this crowd, stood here on this same day in solidarity with and support for our fellow human beings chained in the dungeons of the guardians of Islam, the Islamic regime of Iran. Things have changed all around us since then. We have other combatants … Continue reading

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