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What is a Canadian citizenship worth? For some, not much.

The fates of dual Canadian-Iranian citizens Ziba Kazemi, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, and Hossein Derakhshan Contemplating her image, I note that the bright spark of Zahra “Ziba” Kazemi’s personality cannot be contained within the frame of any photograph. A photojournalist who refused to be restricted by geographic boundaries, every picture of Ziba is radiant, reflecting a woman … Continue reading

9 September 2010: CNN Promoting the Islamic Republic’s Perspectives on Ashtiani Case

An Open Letter to CNN Regarding Their Recent Coverage of the Ashtiani Case (feedback form here to add your comments and demands for retraction and apology) 9 September 2010 Dear CNN: There is currently an attempt by the Islamic Republic to recast Sakineh Ashtiani’s execution sentence as a punishment for both murder and adultery.  Her … Continue reading

!رژیم اعدام و گورهای بی نشان را ساقط میکنیم ! سران رژیم جنایت و تجاوز اسلامی را به دادگاه میبریم

    آنچه  یکسال پیش در مرکز شهر تهران آغاز شد و ابتدا همۀ نگاه ها را از سراسر جهان به سوی زنان و مردان جوان و رزمندۀ ایرانی جلب کرد اکنون تنها پس از یکسال تحولات هیجان انگیزی را پشت سر خود دارد. آنچه یکسال پیش در تهران آغاز شد دیگر نه به تهران … Continue reading

(EN | DA) For our friends outside of the US: Take action! Use US HR1371 (Removal of Islamic Republic from UNCSW) to Pressure Your Government

The US House of Representatives, via House Resolution 1371, has not only given those who live in the US an opportunity to continue to push for the removal of the Islamic Republic – it provides an opportunity for all of us to do so.This letter is to help our friends outside of the United States … Continue reading

Letter to National Organization of Women, Feminist Majority and Code Pink to Establish Their Position on HR1371

Mission Free Iran sent the below letter to three organizations in the US that hold themselves out as representatives of women’s interests and/or women’s equality: Feminist Majority, National Organization of Women, and Code Pink. We want to know their position on the new House Resolution 1371, which has echoed MFI’s demands by calling for the condemnation of … Continue reading

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