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ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد. | RS Should Not Have Been Deported by the Swedish Government.

[ENGLISH] ر.س. نمیبایست دیپورت میشد. ر.س. روز  جمعه ۲۱ اکتبر صبح ساعت ۶ و۳۰ دقیقه از سوئد به ایران دیپورت شد. ر.س. ۱۱ سال پیش به سوئد آمد ، تقاضای پناهندگی داد ، جواب رد گرفت ، کار کرد ، در محل کار دچار سانحه شد، زیر عمل جراحی رفت، از بیمه‌های معمول اجتماعی در سوئد … Continue reading

Mr. Billström! Mitra Stays… and the Islamic Regime Goes!

Mitra Kahrom is a political activist. She is associated with an anti-Islamic regime nationalist organization. Mitra is a constant guest-speaker in that organization’s internet-based TV program which airs towards the Islamic regime. Opposition TV channels are widely watched in Iran and are considered by the Islamic regime as a serious existential threat. Streets of major Iranian … Continue reading

Open Letter to UNHCR in Iraq, Regarding the Iranian Kurds at al-Waleed Camp

For background on the situation of the Iranian Kurds at al-Waleed, please see here and here. To Daniel Endres, UNHCR Representative in Iraq: We are writing with regard to the status of the Iranian Kurd asylum-seekers and stateless people who are currently trying to survive in al-Waleed Camp in Iraq. Approximately 30 years ago, these … Continue reading

Iranian People’s Uprising against the Islamic Republic Forces Mousavi & Karroubi to Remove Khomeini’s Image from Kaleme Site

Yesterday’s uprising in Iran proved unquestionably that the desire of people in Iran is to dismantle the entirety of the Islamic Republic. Although the day of protests was ostensibly “called” by Mir Hossein Mousavi, an Islamic reformist politician who continues to support a Khomeinist theocracy in Iran, the tens of thousands of Iranian people who … Continue reading

Forcing Arts into an Ideological Straitjacket

by guest author Samantha Lesly When referring to the fight for freedom of expression in Iran, artists have always been ‘sitting ducks’ for governmental oppression. In fact, artists are censors’ primary concern because they are considered conduits for spreading ‘state propaganda’ through their work. The Islamic Republic’s need to preserve power and its lack of … Continue reading

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