Iranian girls’ karate team defeats the competition

December 2009: Iranian girls free themselves of hejab for karate competition in Germany.

It was in the news that the Iranian girls’ karate team competed in Germany without hejab! Do we need to look in the results chart to realize these girls all won gold?

Those old enough to remember the days following the 1979 revolution remember how Iranian women, empty-handed, demanded gender equality and freedom in glorious demonstrations.

The same generation remembers how surly Islamic thugs, Hezbollahis, and Islamic “Phalange,” armed with knives, acid bottles, bats, chains and firearms, attacked these peaceful demonstrations. They screamed the dirty phrase of “Ya ru sari – Ya tu sari,”* broke arms and legs, burnt, maimed, killed, and passed laws of sexual discrimination to create a society based on gender apartheid.

Those who were there, and the younger generation, know that Iranian girls and women have never submitted to the barbaric law of Islamic Shariá.

And yet the international community has pervasively preached a mantra of “cultural relativism” vis-a-vis the Islamic world, while ignoring the daily confrontations of Iranian women in their struggle for freedom, and gender equality. To demonstrate Western “democracies’” tolerance towards Islamic barbarism, Angela Merkel, Maud Olofsson, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and their likes play “dress-up” in the Islamic symbol of women’s slavery, while girls and women in Iran, whose relationship to hejab is not at all frivolous, seethe under the imposed veil.

Beneath this imposed hejab in Iran, another parallel world has existed all along. Iranian women, driven by the necessity of equal rights, motivated by the promise of unavoidable defeat of the regime, have not retreated from the political scene, and have not accepted defeat.

Out of the past thirty years of the darkest period of Iranian history, Iranian women – and girls – are on forward march. They are leading a revolution. They are the radical force behind the revolutionary demands, they are the power which is about to free a whole society. They have already defeated the Islamic regime and political Islam in the West, and this is only the beginning!

Our young women fighting karate in Munich threw away the symbol of Islamic slavery. This brave movement will continue. We will soon celebrate the day that Iranian women and girls on the front line of the demonstrations burn the hejab and smash the foundations of Islamic oppression.

Iranian women 1, Islamic regime 0.

Victory is ours.

*”(You will wear) the hejab, or (there will be) beatings!”

UPDATE from StreetJournalist: Iran’s Karate Federation bans women’s Shukokai style due to hijab unveiling


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  1. karate stile kan zen riu

    Posted by shiva | April 27, 2010, 11:46 am

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