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I am Nima Ebrahimzadeh, Son of Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, and I Have a Question for You

behnam and nima ebrahimzadeh - hospital - adjI have a question for you!

Where shall I take refuge? Where shall I scream? And tell me, what crime have I committed that I should take so much pain and suffering? You tell me, what is my crime?


You human beings, you of awakened conscience, you who have founded organizations and say you defend the rights of children, you who claim that you support children who are struck by cancer, you who defend human rights and humanitarianism, you who are a worker like my father: I need you today, tomorrow may be too late.

I have come to you in these difficult days, not wanting anything from you but a demand for the freedom of my father. In these days of [my] chemotherapy, I want to have my father beside me. While fighting with cancer, I want to have my father beside me too.

Is this a big demand? You tell me!

by Nima Ebrahimzadeh
Published 8 February 2014

[Editor’s note: Nima Ebrahimzadeh is the young son of workers’ and childs’ rights activist, and Iranian political prisoner, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh. Nima was diagnosed with leukemia while his father was jailed for his activism in support of labor rights; Behnam has not been allowed to seek medical treatment for his own injuries and ailments suffered due to beatings and torture by the regime. The regime’s refusal to allow Behnam to be with his son is yet another form of torture both for Behnam and for his suffering child. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Behnam Ebrahimzadeh and all political prisoners in Iran.]

Translation: Mission Free Iran

من نیما ابراهیم‌زاده فرزند بهنام ابراهیم زاده‌ام و از شما سئوالی دارم؟

من نیما ابراهیم‌زاده فرزند بهنام ابراهیم زاده‌ام و از شما سئوالی دارم؟
از شما سئوالی دارم؟ من بکجا باید پناه ببرم، کجا باید فریاد بزنم و بگم به چه جرمی باید اینقدر درد و رنج بکشم؟
شما بگویید جرم من چیست؟
شما انسانها٬ شما وجدانهای بیدار، شما که سازمان درست کرده‌اید ومی گوئید مدافع حقوق کودکان هستید٬ شما که می‌گوئید نهادهایی هستیم که کودکان سرطانی را مورد حمایت قرار می‌دهیم٬ شما که مدافع حقوق انسان وانسان دوست هستید٬ شماهایی که مثل پدر من کارگر هستید: من امروز به شما نیاز دارم فردا شاید خیلی دیر باشد.
من در این روزهای سخت به شما روی آورده ام٬ از شما چیزی نمی‌خواهم جز اینکه خواهان آزادی پدرم باشید. من در این روزهای سخت شیمی درمانی می‌خواهم پدرم را در کنارم داشته باشم٬ من درمقابله با سرطان می‌خواهم پدرم را نیز در کنارم داشته باشم. آیا این خواست زیادی است؟ شما بگوئید؟

Source: Rowzane

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