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Acting Out against Execution in Iran: Street Theater in Washington DC for World Human Rights Day 2013

In recognition of World Human Rights Day, activists in Washington DC gathered on 15 December 2013 in Lafayette Park for a street theater performance against execution in Iran. The action was coordinated by Mission Free Iran and Unity for Democracy and Justice in Iran, with many other activists contributing their energies.  We thank everyone who came … Continue reading

Reza Shahabi and Behnam Ebrahimzadeh Write from Evin Prison: Stop the Executions and Release the Political Prisoners Immediately

Honorable people of Iran, humanitarian people of the world: As you know, there are tens of labor activists and a large number of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience currently in jail under false allegations, accused of the crime of struggling for their rights. The offenses of these people have been their endeavors to organize … Continue reading