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Activists in Washington DC to Protest June 14 Sham Elections in Iran

14 june - work-final-small12 June 2013, Washington DC – On June 14, 2013, activists in Washington DC will gather outside the offices of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1-3pm to protest the sham elections in Iran.

The dictatorship in Iran urges people to the polls as it seeks to attain a veneer of legitimacy. But the regime cannot erase the world’s memory of the brutal and bloody suppression of Iranian people who demanded democracy and freedom during the 2009 post-election uprisings. The regime cannot legitimize with sham elections and ersatz debates the 34 years of crimes against humanity it has perpetrated against Iranian people. Elections under a regime that survives only through oppression – by constant harassment of women, by arresting and imprisoning whoever dissents, be they lawyers, journalists, mothers, children, or labor rights activists – are but a vicious joke in the eyes of the Iranian people.

The activists oppose participation in and legitimation of these sham elections, and demand an end to this regime by the force of the Iranian people.

The action is organized by a committee comprised of the following organizations: Mission Free Iran, Unity for Democracy and Justice in Iran, and Women’s Alliance for Change in Iran.

Maria Rohaly
Mission Free Iran
phone: (240) 812-9234


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