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اگر زنده هستيم٬ به همت شما است:زانيار مرادي، زندان رجايي شهر يکشنبه اول بهمن ماه ۱٣۹۱

اگر زنده هستيم٬ به همت شما است٬ به اعتراضات ادامه دهيد تا نتيجه نهايي! اين روزها زندان رجايي شهر بيش از هميشه بوي ماتم و غم دارد. امروز دو زنداني را به بهانه اينکه دادگاه دارند٬ با خود بردند٬ و ميدانستند اگر بگويند به سول انفرادي منتقل ميشوند٬ ممکنست در بين زندانيان شلوغ شود و … Continue reading

Report & Videos for 13 January Protest Action to Stop the Execution of Zanyar & Loghman Moradi

SUMMARY On 13 January 2013, despite a misty, cold, and overcast day, tens of activists in Washington DC joined hand-in-hand across the political spectrum to demand a stop to the imminent executions of Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, and several others at risk of imminent execution. At 1:00pm in front of the offices of the Islamic … Continue reading

TWEETSTORM to Stop the Execution of Zanyar & Loghman Moradi!

Please join the tweetstorm to stop the execution of Zanya & Loghman Moradi! Wednesday 8 & 9 January at 3PM EST, 7PM London, 12PM PST, 8PM Berlin, 10:30PM Tehran. This post contains: A. Suggested tweets B. Directions and frequently-asked questions for the tweetstorm C. Brief background on the case of Zanyar & Loghman Moradi, 2 … Continue reading


— URGENT ACTION — STOP THE EXECUTION OF ZANYAR & LOGHMAN MORADI IN IRAN Sunday 13 January 2013, 1pm 2209 Wisconsin Avenue NW – Washington DC NOT ONE MORE EXECUTION! * FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW! Activists in Washington DC are organizing an urgent protest action on Sunday 13 January to demand a halt to … Continue reading

Letter of Zanyar Moradi, Political Prisoner at Imminent Risk of Execution in Iran: To All of My Age-Mates around the World (Letter-Writing Action Follows)

To all the people of the world who are my age-mates: I despise thinking about my death; I do not want to take my life aspiration to the grave with me. My name is Zanyar Moradi. Currently, I am sitting in a death row cell, my prison cell in Karaj, Iran, and I want to … Continue reading