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Worker Activists in Boukan, Iran Remain Detained

Boukan detained workers - 23 Dec 2012The Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organisations (CCFWO) has been informed that the families of 5 labor activists and members of the Committee in Boukan who had intended to meet their detained loved ones were unable to do so. Pressed by detainees’ families to shed light on the circumstances of these arrests, regime officials maintained silence, telling families only that they should prepare and deliver personal effects including clothing for the detainees.

Later on the same day, the families met with the regime’s judiciary office and were told by the judge in the case that the arrests have been made on security charges. He told the families that the 5 will continue to be detained while the case is investigated.

The 5 detained labor activists are Hadi Tanoumand, Jamaal Minashiri, Ebrahim Mostafapour, Ghasem Mostafapour and Mohammad Karimi.

The CCFWO has called upon workers and honorable people to support their fellow class comrades who have committed no other crime than defending the rights and interests of the working class in Iran.

We, like our class comrades at CCFWO, demand the immediate release of our brothers detained in Boukan as well as all labor activists in the Islamic prisons and all political prisoners throughout Iran.

Long live international solidarity of the working class!
Long live socialism!
Mission Free Iran
23 December 2012

Link to original news in Farsi


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