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Workers at Derek Dam Under Increasing Pressure, Wages Unpaid for Seven Months

HRANA reports that the workers at Derek Dam have not been paid their wages in the past seven months, while the employer continuously increases pressure on the worker. HRANA writes that while wages are necessary for the survival of the workers the dam employer is either incapable of paying wages or chooses not to pay. … Continue reading

North Tehran: Afghan Workers on Strike

A report sent to the Iranian Independent Workers’ Union Afghan workers employed in north Tehran parks strike in protest against wage decreases and fall of touman’s value Afghan workers working in the parks in north Tehran are employed by contractors and are barbarically exploited. They are extremely impoverished, and after several months’ worth of delayed … Continue reading

عوفي ماضی رييس كميته خدمات عمومي در عراق ، خطاب به همه سازمانهاي كارگري و انساندوست

[Arabic] حمايت عوفی ماضي رییس کمیته خدمات عمومی در عراق از فراخوان شاهرخ زماني عوفي ماضی رييس كميته خدمات عمومي در عراق طي نامه اي در ۵ نوامبر خطاب به همه سازمانهاي كارگري و انساندوست در سراسر جهان خواستار پیوستن وسیع به کمپین در حمایت از شاهرخ زماني و برای آزادی همه كارگران زنداني و … Continue reading

Following Strikes and Protests by Workers at Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex, Faravarsh Workers End Strike; Kimia Workers’ Strike Continues

4 November 2012: Following the strike and the ultimatum of escalating the protest by workers at Kimia and Faravarsh Companies at Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex, Faravarsh workers ended their strike after reaching an agreement with the management. Kimia workers’ strike continued today. We previously reported that the employer of workers at the Bandar Imam Petrochemical … Continue reading

Three Vahed Bus Company Syndicate Workers Sacked for Pursuing Legal Demands

According to HRANA, 3 members of the Vahed Bus Company Syndicate, Nasser Mohammadzadeh, Vahid Fereidooni, and Ali Noor-baani, were sacked for pursuing their legal demands. These 3 drivers were sacked from their work despite the fact that, even according to the Islamic regime’s anti-laborer laws, workers have the right to unionize and organize trade unions, … Continue reading