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No News of Student Jamal Aameli, Arrested at Memorial for Mother of Arash Sadeghi

Tehran – 2 November 2012: Last week there was a very large meeting in Tehran in the house of the association known as the People of the Pen. They had gathered in memoriam of the mother of former political prisoner Arash Sadeghi. The mother of Sadeghi recently suffered a stroke as a result of an early morning raid on the family’s home. At the memorial gathering, 70 people were arrested. The majority were released after a short while, but there is no news of one of those arrested at the same time, Jamal Aameli, a leftist student who had been sentenced to jail in the past on political charges. He had been imprisoned in Ward 350 for a sentence of 1 year on charges of propagating against the regime, and was released in the winter of 2011 on bail. His family and friends have been seeking information regarding his whereabouts after last week’s arrest, without success.


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